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An inevitable fact of modern times is the economic globalization. Today, a Portuguese company may have in China its industry and in Brazil the consumer market of their products. Although there are no barriers to this type of flows of goods, there are always customs controls which determine the entry and exit of these different territories.

However, it is precisely to support enterprises in the promotion of its products in international trade that the Customs Broker Roma Andrade develops its activity.
On the market since 1987, the official Customs Broker José Júlio Roma Andrade has acquired throughout these years extensive experience in different customs regimes, combining a high component computerized allows a speedy clearance of your goods.

Through our service of "tracking" of goods we provide updated information on the customs clearance movements of the products, in order to maintain a monitoring tailored to our clients.

The large experience of our technicians allows to give you a response to any question concerning the international trade of goods, as well as ensure riddance customs clearance on any customs regime, is this definitive import for consumption or in free circulation, temporary import, permanent or temporary export, among others.

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