Costums services

»  Import/Export: Customs clearance of goods to or from countries outside the European Community.
» Perfecting assets/liabilities: Drafting of authorization procedures for inward processing/liabilities, including its implementation, control and discharge.
» Temporary Imports/Exports: customs procedure which allows the temporary export/import of goods. This sort of regime is particularly indicated for material which is intended to be used at fairs or exhibitions, subsequently, to return to the country of origin after the time limit for the import/temporary export.
» Simplified procedures: particularly used for perishable goods, may also be applied to other whose clearance is considered urgent and, only after duly authorized by the Directorate General of Customs.
» Warehouses: Elaboration orders relating to customs entry of goods in the warehouses. Especially indicated for goods in groupage intended to different people/entities.


The Intrastat system is the method of collection of statistical information on the transactions of goods between Member-States of the European Union. Bearing in mind that our guests must focus within its Key competence and not in systems of statistical information that may be rather lengthy and difficult to implement, the Customs Broker Roma Andrade ensures compliance with this legal requirement, so that our clients concentrate in what is most important – their business.


Aware that there is a great lack of knowledge as regards the customs legislation and, aware of the importance that the several markets (suppliers and customers) represent the strategies of companies, we offer a consultancy service in international trade, and in incoterms customs area.

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