GTL Group

GTL Group

The Group GTL is composed of three companies to operate in the field of transport and logistics overall. The Group, formed in 2007, aims to tackle the latent needs on the market as the integrated solutions logistics needed to operate in a global and flexible throughout the chain. The Group is, then, formed by an agent, an agent shipping agent and an operator logistical.

The Customs Broker Roma Andrade is responsible for customs clearance of goods transits extra-community. The Optimus Freight forwarders has as principal activity is the international carriage of goods, are these by sea, air, road or multimodal. Finally, the Espaçotrans is an operator logistical that ensures in addition to the transactions inherent in the reception, storage and dispatch of goods, their transport within the European area.

This is why the Group GTL, and their companies in particular, has the resources and know-how required to provide-reply integrated logistics.

Integrated Logistics Services GTL Group

The GTL Group is formed by three companies to operate in the field of logistics and international trade. In this way, any of the companies can offer you an integrated set of global logistics solutions that pass by the officer, of shipping agent and the operator logistical. The objective is to offer you a set of services transversal to the whole logistics chain able to respond to their real needs.

Forwarder Agent Optimus Freight forwarders

The Optimus Transitários is an freight forwarder which operates at global level in the areas of transport, logistics and distribution. Founded in 1998, the Optimus always remained faithful to her mission – offer integrated logistics services which provide more flexibility to their customers.

By means of a quality service recognized the Optimus ensures then, flexibility in the transport of his burden, this is by sea, road or air, negotiating with the different intervening in the gate logistic solutions that are better adapted to their needs.

Logistics and Distribution Espaçotrans

OThe outsourcing of logistical activities is still expanding. Logistical costs that stems from the reception, storage, forwarding and transport of goods represent a large slice of operating costs of companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises.
In addition, in a global market constant change, companies and their distribution strategies must be continuously adapted to new realities requiring, flexibility to respond effectively.

Is according to this cost/flexibility that the Espaçotrans offers an integrated set of logistical services:
- Reception/dispatch, storage and distribution.
- Consolidation and unbind customs duties of burden in our storehouses.
- Planning, control and optimization of supply chain.
- Long distance transport within the European area.
- Control and provision of recovery of overpayments.  

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